FREE Waterproof Love at 1st Lash Mascara!!!

Hi All,

I just posted a YouTube video (you can see it below) of how to get this fabulous mascara for FREE on Friday, 2/19 - National Lash Day! And of course I included a list of my top favorite Avon must-haves!

Get ready to be excited... when you place an online order at my store, for $ 60 or more, you get this full size mascara for FREE.

So if you're wondering why you would want this fabulous mascara, I am happy to list the reasons for you:

1) It's FREE - need I say more??? lol

2) It has Vitamin E

3) It has heart, flower, and 3D shaped fibers that lock onto your lashes for volume and length. I know! I'm excited too!

4) It has Olive Oil to condition and care for your lashes.

5) It's free of Parabens & Sulfates

6) It's waterproof - which is great for me because my eyes are always tearing in the morning

7) It's transfer-resistent

Now, if you're wondering what you would buy to get to $ 60 so you could take advantage of this promotion, no worries! I can definitely help with that. Let me show you some of the must-haves that I would put in my cart:

The belif Moisturizing Bomb or the belif Aqua Bomb.

A little fun fact that you might not know. belif is not an Avon original. It's part of the LG H&H brand and since Avon is part of the LG family, we get to sell brands like belif and The Face Shop, to name a couple. AND it is a TOP SELLER at SEPHORA, under the CLEAN section, because did I mention??? It's vegan :-)

I use the The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb because I tend to have dry skin and I used to have these extremely annoying, unattractive dry patches on my face that I no longer have - thank you belif!!!

It has Comfrey leaf which is an her known to detoxify skin, leaving it smooth, soft and clear. Skin looks and feels smooth, supple and deeply nourished - and yes, that is exactly how my skin feels...I absolutely love it!

Provides 26 hours of intense hydration! That's what I'm talking about!!!

The True Cream Aqua Bomb is good for all skin types (if you have combination/oily this is great) and has Lady's Mantle which is an herb with antioxidant benefits known to help sooth skin. It's an ultra-lightweight, water-based gel-cream that instantly cools and refreshes skin (perfect for hot summer days)

70@ increased hydration in 1 hour! Yesss!

Also, you can use it as a 10 minute moisture mask!!! I love when you can get multiple uses out of one product!!!

Both moisturizers are FREE FROM all the nasties like, Parabens, Sulfates, Phtalates, Mineral Oils and have been dermatologist-tested.

And you get to use the same moisturizer for AM and PM! I love that!!!

To find out more about the other fabulous must-haves on my list, you can watch my latest YouTube below which I did by myself. If you would like to catch the version I did with my cute little assistant, you can find it on my facebook page

You can always message through Facebook if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping!!! And Happy Friday Eve :-)

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