How I earned $840 just in bonuses with Avon

1) Upline - I did a lot of hard and very rigorous research before signing up (I'm talking really hard stuff guys - I sat on my coach with hubs and watched YouTube videos).

- This allowed me to learn a little bit about the products, the company, and the different ways to earn money.

- It also gave me the opportunity to choose the mentor I would like to sign up with. Now let me just say - I don't know if you've ever had any experience with Network Marketing / Direct Selling companies but I have and I will share those experiences in another post. But for right now, I'll just say:

With any company, there are many reps who are just out to make a buck, who will step on anyone and everyone to move up - they will lie, cheat, and try to push, bully, or guilt you to do more with your business and not because it's in your best interest but because it's in theirs. And let me tell you, I have quit companies in the past because of it but this time, at 42, I wised up and said to myself I will quit my mentor and entire upline before I quit my business!!!

The truth is, if you have the determination, Grit and Grace you can do well and succeed in this business whether you have a great upline or not. But I don't want to stop there, I want to prove to everyone that you can get to the top while having and keeping a Pure Heart.

Thankfully, I signed up with an unbelievable mentor who holds the same core values as me and always leaves me feeling inspired and empowered (instead of beat up). And truth be told, because I do have such an amazing mentor (who really knows how to bring out the best in me), I was able to meet my goals so much faster. I was ready to get there no matter what but thanks to her guidance I was able to work smarter, and get there faster without killing myself in the process.

2) Consistency - I applied a technique my mentor introduced me to called the "Power of 5". Very simple, very doable, yet very powerful. Every day, I share my newest Campaign by either giving out a book or sending out links to the digital version. It's crazy how doing something so simple can grow your business and bring in sales - and the funny thing is that the sales might not even come from anyone you reached out to - how does that happen??? I don't know, but I do know that those sales wouldn't come without the magical Power of 5.

3) Having Fun - Look, I already have a full-time job which demands a lot of my time, attention and patience, so when I am not in the office I need to have fun. And since I want to succeed in my Avon business, I need to dedicate time to that as well which means I get to be silly and have fun while working.

  • I make videos with my little assistant who is turning 5 years old in just a few days.

  • I don't take myself too seriously.

  • I get to socialize more with friends and family (that's the kind of work I can definitely get behind lol) and I get to make new friends.

4) Brush off the Haters - You can never please everyone and there will always be someone who just doesn't like you. It's fine. Move on. It's their loss and your gain because you don't want someone like that in your life anyway. Do they pay your bills or sign your checks? Furthermore lol, look at who it's coming from? Is it from someone who has succeeded and is truly trying to impart wisdom so that you can succeed and grow or from a nobody who just spends their time talking crap about other people.

5) Pay attention to the incentives. They have amazing incentives for new reps where you can earn:

  • $20 for every $200 in sales within a campaign (so for $ 400, you would get $40)

  • 10% bonus for every $1,000 in cumulative sales for your first 8 campaigns (up to $5,000) which means, when you sell $5,000 for your first 8 campaigns, you would have received a TOTAL of $1,500. And that is not including your sales commission. Wrap your head around that for a minute :-) Are yo excited yet? Check out the chart below.

I included of picture of the Free products you get when you place your first order as an Avon rep and the $10 credit for your 2nd order.

If you like my post/my truth please feel free to leave me a heart. And if you want me to blog about anything specific in the future, leave me a comment.

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