Perks you get as an Avon rep

There are truly so many perks and I hope I don't forget any! But don't worry - if I do, I will come back and update you.

1) Shopping for your beauty, haircare, fashion, jewelry and even some home care products at a discount. When you sign up you automatically get a 25% discount for all beauty products when you place an order of $40 or more in a campaign and 20% on all home and beauty products - but HOLD ON, that $40 includes any online sales you get (which will bring to my next perk).

Can I just stop for a moment and share with you guys that I just reached my first goal of selling $5,000??? Of course that little voice in my head, you know the one, we all have one, I have named mine Ferella - anyway, Ferella is trying to tell me that it was no big deal, and not something I should be so proud of. Well guess what Ferella - I have worked on my business every day, earned $840 just in bonuses, and now get to shop for all my favorite beauty products at 30% discount instead of 25%. So shut up Ferella because that is a big deal!!!

2) You get your very own online store which Avon hosts for FREE. That's right, I said FREE - You do not have to pay a maintenance fee, as is done with other companies but we won't call them That means your family and friends can shop at your store 24/7. Making money while you sleep - now that's what I call a perk :-)

3) Products that you can be proud of, that will bring results, and that you will love sharing with friends, family, neighbors and pretty much everyone.

4) Training is available 24/7 , online through Avon University and is organized so beautifully I could I love all things organized! Not only is everything easy to find, but Avon U even keeps track of your progress, has ready-made flyers available for printing and its all FREE!

6) Amazing Incentives & Trips. As I mentioned, I earned $840 in bonuses my first four month because of their amazing Pathway to Premier incentive program. And that does NOT include the commission I earned from sales.

7) Avon perks - No, I'm not being redundant. Avon offers a discount program called Avon Perks to Avon reps. You will receive emails with discounts and deals to anything from purchasing a phone or a computer, to booking your next hotel, or Sams club membership - there are too many to list. Thank you Avon for thinking of us and constantly sending us new deals we can use.

8) And the best per right now, is that you can sign up with AVON for FREE until 12/31/20! NO fees, NO gimmicks, NO minimum orders, NO penalties. With many companies, you need to place minimum orders (usually of at least $100+) with in a certain timeframe in order to maintain your rep discount. Not the case with Avon! You can sign up, place your first order, and then not place an order for months and the discount will be waiting for when you place an order of $40 or more. I know it's FANTASTIC - that's why I'm sharing!

9) Now this last perk is personal to me, but can be for you to which is who you sing up with. When we were looking into Avon, there were a few people we could have signed up with, but thankfully I signed up with the very best. I thank God everyday I got so lucky with such an amazing mentor. If you're wondering what makes her so wonderful, don't worry, I'm about to tell you.

She does something I have never seen another mentor do, she encourages and never pushes, she offers information without ever adding pressure, and she reminds you to be kind to yourself. If you sign up with me (rep code: ElleAyz), you not only get me but you get the experience and support of my mentor as well. Here's a link, in case you're looking for more information:

Until next time, your Avon girls (my little assistant and I) are sending you best wishes! May you and your families all stay safe and well!

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