Tips on Making Facebook Live Videos for your AVON Business

For me, the thought of making videos and keeping them consistent seemed like “mission impossible” at first. With my long hours at the office, and diabetes kicking my butt in the evenings leaving me feeling too tired to think or move, I wasn’t sure how I would ever pull this off. But, after watching other’s people videos, I decided that not only can I do this but I AM doing this!

I use the following steps as a guide to keep me focused and calm because I am just NO good when I’m feeling overwhelmed.


This is key and it’s what helps ease my fears before making a video. Knowing that I don’t have to try be anyone else, or try to be perfect, I am much more at peace and am able to have fun with it.

Number 2 - Planning

A little planning goes a long way. I’ll ask myself:

What will I be doing the video about? What do I want the audience to walk away with?

Will it be about an AVON product I’ve been using?

If so, what does the product do? What are the benefits? How has it helped me?

Will it be about the newest Campaign?

If so, what do I want to highlight? Current sales/promotions? New products?

Number 3 - Preparation

Once I’ve chosen the topic, and the purpose of the video, I’ll start writing down everything I want to say. For me, writing everything down, including our famous greeting “Hi Guys” helps to get everything out of my head on paper where I can see it and then start editing it.

Then I get a big piece of paper and start writing out my thoughts in bullet points which I will use as my guide. I try to position that paper in-front of me, as close to the camera as I can - still working on that though.

Number 4 - Choose the best day/time

The rule of thumb is to pick a day/time that you think the majority of your audience will be available and knowing who your targeted audience is will help :-) For me, the best time to do videos is not necessarily the best time for everyone else.

For me to be at my best, I needed to start when I felt the most comfortable, the most zen, the most alert which happens to be on Sunday afternoons. But, after having done videos for several months, I may be able to switch it up and plan my videos on the weekend, and then actually do them in the evenings after work…no promises though…lol


I believe CONSISTENCY is key if you want to build an audience, and really see your business grow. It applies to everything not just your video schedule. That is why, I try and take the pressure off of myself, give myself a little pep talk (self pep talks are not to be underestimated lol) and tell myself that doing an OK video is better than doing NO video. Don’t let striving for perfection be what holds you back.

When people see you coming up week after week, or day after day, after time “The Compound Effect” will begin to manifest. Very good book, definitely add to your reading list or audio books. I have actually had people reach out to me because they’ve seen my videos.

Number 6 - Have Fun!!!

When I started my AVON business, I made a promise to myself that I would HAVE FUN and INCLUDE my FAMILY. After all, I spend enough time away from them, so this business was my way of bringing us all together while also bringing in more money.

And including my daughter in all my videos definitely helps keep it fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like there aren’t stressful days, but in the end, when I let go and remember to have fun, and go with the flow, that’s where the fun and all the magic happens

Here's to getting out there and making your own magic happen!

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