Top tips for working your Avon business even when you have "no time"

Hello fabulous readers!

Yes, you can work your Avon business even if you have the most busiest of schedules. And if you're wondering how, let me tell you...

Tip # 1 - Couch time. When I started my Avon business, I made use of any time I had to work my business. When my husband wanted to watch TV with me, I would sit on the couch next to him on the couch and use that time to message people from my phone with links to our brochure or some of the hottest new products.

Tip # 2 - FB/Instagram/TikTok scrolling. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through the feeds every day, I used that same time to send messages, share the brochure, offer the opportunity or do follow ups.

Tip #3 - Share the news with everyone. Whenever I spoke with anyone, I shared my exciting news of starting my own business with them and would either hand them a brochure or send them a link to the digital version.

Tip #4 - Family time. On the weekends, I would spend quality time with my daughter by making Avon videos or FB lives with her. I decided when I started this business, that it would be a family business, involving all of us.

I work a full-time job as an executive assistant, that requires long hours, so there was no way I was going to start anything that would take any more time away from my family, especially from my daughter, hence the mother-daughter videos.

She has so much fun making them with me, and I have to say, so do I. But I may have created a monster. The other day she said to me, "mommy, I want to have my own YouTube channel and you can be my sidekick" lol.

Tip #5 - Stay organized. I used an app called Airtable to create a list of everyone I know. I use it daily to track every message/follow up I send.

I keep the list on my phone so I can easily update it as needed. This helps me track how many people I reach out to per day, and how often (I don't want to reach out to the same people every day or week, so I go through my list and message anyone I haven't reached out to for a couple of weeks).

Tip #6 -Accountability. I have weekly calls with my mentor, which I requested, so that I could keep myself accountable, and of course learn as much as I can from one of the best.

It's one of the very best things I could have done for my business. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a wonderful mentor, and they could end up with someone they don't like, as a mentor or even a person, which is fine because you can make it in the business without the support of your upline. However, I was very careful before we signed up and did as much research as I could and I chose her because I definitely liked her vibe and she apparently knew what she was doing because she kept posting valuable content on YouTube.

The reason why I feel so blessed to have her guide me in this business is because I am not a fan of being pressured. Actually, I can't stand it. In the past, when I have rep'd for other direct selling companies, the mentors would push, or even sometimes bully their people into making sales. The way I see it is, this is my business, and how much time I put into it or do not put into it is MY business.

When I had weeks where I didn't meet my goals, she actually said to me "don't be hard on yourself. When you can, you will do more." She was so understanding that it blew my mind. I put more pressure on myself than she did - as a matter of fact, I never felt ANY pressure coming from her.

She did and does exactly what a good mentor should do, meet you where you are. Not everyone will want to get to the top, some will just want to earn some extra cash to pay off a bill or buy something special and others might want to just shop at a discount. That is the type of mentor she is and the type of mentor I am with my team, which I named "pure heart" because that is the only way I will every run my business. No tricks, no deception, just excellent customer service done with a smile and a pure heart.

Tip #7 - How bad do you want it? Ask yourself that. How bad do you want to have your own business and be your own boss? What does that mean to you? What does that look like for you? How much would it mean to you to have a flexible schedule so that you can be there for your family when you need to? Or make enough that you never have to worry about when your next check is coming?

If you want it bad enough, listen to those who have made it and are where you want to be, and put in the work everyday (and it doesn't have to be an overwhelming amount. It can be small bite-size chunks everyday, consistently), you will get there. And you will enjoy the ride!

This business is not for everyone, but if you would like to know if it's for you, and team pure heart is fits with your values, you can reach out to me and I would be happy to chat and answer any of your questions. You can click on the link to find out more about becoming an Avon rep --- OH, AND DID I MENTION, AVON IS CURRENTLY OFFERING FREE SIGN UP???

Stay safe and well...

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